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    We moved to a new QTH for 2019- the Saab building in East Syracuse. We had access to the cafeteria area of the building, with adjoining bathrooms. This was quite a change from our previous site at Onondaga Lake Park, which used tents for the operating positions.

    Band conditions seemed to be down but we still managed 1954 QSOs with the HF stations, and the VHF station had 74 FT8 QSOs- using a simple dipole at 35 feet. GOTA was active again, with Beth racking up a lot of QSOs on 40 SSB with a low dipole and a Kenwood TS530.

    Everyone had a good time, but in 2020 we may do something completely different and enter 2E from the K2ZJ QTH, using the existing antennas.

    We placed 6th overall in the 2A category!

    2019 QST FD Results Here

    We came in first in the 2A category in the Atlantic Division

      W2ZC Salt City DX Assn Category:2A

    • Ops for 2019:

    • Rod KU2X Jim K2ZL Brian N2MF Alex W2AXR

    • John K2ZJ Chip AA2PQ Pete W2PJ Astrid GOTA Beth GOTA

    • Station 1-Kenwood TS590
    • Station 2- Kenwood TS590
    • GOTA station W2AXR-TS530
    • VHF station -TS590

    • Logging software:
    • Networked N3FJP on 2 laptops

    • Antennas:
    • Cushcraft A3S at 50 ft on crank up AB577 Mast for 20-10 mtrs
    • Inverted V at 50 ft for 80/40 mtrs
    • GOTA 40 mtr Dipole
    • 6 mtrs Dipole at 35 feet
    • Generator:
    • Honda 2000i 1600 watts continuous


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