FD 2018 is just around the corner. We plan on making some improvements this year- we will have another TS590 available for GOTA and we will bring a 2nd generator to power the VHF station. The WX has been perfect the last 2 years, hopefully we have another nice weekend.

      Last year there was some confusion about the exact location of the FD site, and a few people got lost ! I apologize for any confusion. First thing- Do NOT go to the Salt Museum entrance in Liverpool ! That is the opposite end of the park.

      The SCDXA FD site is about 1500 feet from the Willow Bay Picnic area. If you are using Google Maps, type in Onondaga Lake Park Willow Bay Parking. This will get you to the parking area. The entrance to the parking area is off Long Branch road, near the One lane bridge. As you enter the parking area from the Long Branch Road entrance, choose the parking lot to your left, and go as far as you can toward the end. This will be the closest to the FD site. Then, walk on restoration way toward the area marked as "Sawmill Creek". You will see a building to your right near the Lake.

      Just beyond the building you will see a popup camper parked in the paved area - this is the SCDXA FD site.

        • Station 1-Kenwood TS590
        • Station 2- Kenwood TS590
        • GOTA station W2AXR-TS590S
        • VHF station -Flex Radio

        • Logging software:
        • Networked N3FJP on 2 laptops

        • Antennas:
        • Cushcraft A3S at 50 ft on crank up AB577 Mast for 20-10 mtrs
        • Dipoles at 50 ft for 80/40 mtrs
        • GOTA 40 mtr Dipole
        • 6 mtrs 3 elements at 20 feet
        • Satellite antenna- Homebrew 3 ele 144/ 6 ele 432

        • Generator:
        • Honda 2000i 1600 watts continuous
        • Westinghouse 2200H 1600 watts continuous

      Onondaga Lake Park- FD 2018 Location


Any questions? Email me here