Another nice Field Day event ! The forecast called for rain both days, but we got very lucky and only had a passing shower both days. We stayed dry during setup, which made things easy.

      We managed another good effort, racking up 2100+ QSOs with the HF stations, and the VHF station beat last years total with 90+ QSOs ! GOTA was active again with 78 QSOs, new operator Maureen made 28 QSOs on 20 SSB and had fun.

      We had a new tent this year and it worked great for the VHF station. We also got the 80 and 40 dipoles up much higher thanks to some good shots with the tennis ball launcher.

      Everyone had a good time, we will be back next year with some new antennas!

        • Station 1-Kenwood TS590
        • Station 2- Kenwood TS590
        • GOTA station W2AXR-TS590S
        • VHF station -Flex Radio

        • Logging software:
        • Networked N3FJP on 2 laptops

        • Antennas:
        • Cushcraft A3S at 50 ft on crank up AB577 Mast for 20-10 mtrs
        • Dipoles at 50 ft for 80/40 mtrs
        • GOTA 40 mtr Dipole
        • 6 mtrs 3 elements at 20 feet
        • Satellite antenna- Homebrew 3 ele 144/ 6 ele 432

        • Generator:
        • Honda 2000i 1600 watts continuous
        • Westinghouse 2200H 1600 watts continuous

      Onondaga Lake Park- FD 2018 Location


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