Another fantastic FD ! WX was nice again, just a 5 minute shower passed through on Sunday. We had a bunch of new operators join us this year, and we easily beat our score from last year, making over 2300 QSOs! The setup went smoothly, we had a radio on the air by 10 AM Saturday. The VHF station made 60+ QSOs on 6 mtrs, and the GOTA station turned in a solid performance with over 100 QSOs.

        We placed 8th overall in the 2A category !

          2017 QST FD Results Here

          We came in first in the 2A category in the Atlantic Division

            W2ZC Salt City DX Assn Category:2A

          • Ops for 2017:
          • Rod KU2X Jim K2ZL Brian N2MF Alex W2AXR
          • John K2ZJ Chip AA2PQ Sam KC2LRC Astrid GOTA Beth GOTA Zach GOTA
          • Tom K2QCX tear down

          • Station 1-Kenwood TS590
          • Station 2- Kenwood TS590
          • GOTA station W2AXR-Alinco DX70TH
          • VHF station -Flex Radio

          • Logging software:
          • Networked N3FJP on 2 laptops

          • Antennas:
          • Cushcraft A3S at 50 ft on crank up AB577 Mast for 20-10 mtrs
          • Dipoles at 50 ft for 80/40 mtrs
          • GOTA 40 mtr Dipole
          • 6 mtrs 3 elements at 20 feet
          • Satellite antenna- Homebrew 3 ele 144/ 6 ele 432

          • Generator:
          • Honda 2000i 1600 watts continuous

        Onondaga Lake Park- FD 2017 Location


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