The WX this year was fantastic! 85F both days, and sunny. Our new location near the open skate area was ideal. We had plenty of space to spread out and set up everything. Our new A3S went up quickly, and it worked well until 20 mins before the end of the contest. For some reason it became intermittent. Other than this minor problem, everything went smoothly. Thanks to the new UPSs that Jim K2ZL brought, we never had an outage even when filling the generator. The GOTA station was quite active, and Joe and Astrid made 58 QSOs. Astrid had fun working 75 SSB on Saturday night. We finished with 2200 QSOs, almost 1000 more than last year!

      We placed 11th overall in the 2A category

        2016 QST FD Results Here

        We came in first in the 2A category in the Atlantic Division

        We placed 1st in the 2A category in the WNY section

          W2ZC Salt City DX Assn Category:2A

        • Ops for 2016:
        • Rod KU2X Jim K2ZL Brian N2MF Alex W2AXR
        • John K2ZJ Astrid GOTA Joe GOTA
        • Tom K2QCX tear down

        • Station 1-Kenwood TS590
        • Station 2- Kenwood TS590
        • GOTA station W2AXR-Alinco DX70TH

        • Logging software:
        • Networked N3FJP on 3 laptops

        • Antennas:
        • Cushcraft A3S at 50 ft on crank up AB577 Mast for 20-10 mtrs
        • Dipoles at 60 ft for 80/40 mtrs
        • Multiband vertical 40-10 near the shore

        • Generator:
        • Honda 2000i 1600 watts continuous

      Onondaga Lake Park- FD 2016 Location


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